Intruder Alarms

alarm150x150Technology and the intruder alarm industry is rapidly updating and changing; we endeavour to keep up with the changes and stay up to date and offer the latest systems available. Being an independent company, we are not tied in to any one brand (although we have our preferences), so we can offer you a choice from a wide array of systems to better suit your needs, premises and budget.

We offer both wireless and wired systems, with wireless being the most commonly installed – wireless systems are very popular, reliable and user friendly, with an added advantage of being quicker and easier to install, saving you money. Depending upon your needs and choice, either can be installed – the more traditional wired systems are still widely used and we still install them where requested and/or needed.

Prices for a standard wireless alarm starts from £350, which includes a control panel with on-board keypad and built-in piezo sounder, 2 passive infra-red detectors, 1 door contact, external self actuating sounder, and 2 remote setting fobs. The panel has a built-in communicator that allows it to send a text message to a mobile phone when activated (can be connected to a suitable service at an extra cost), as well as being capable of taking multiple detectors and contacts, and has extra inputs for smoke detectors, flood sensors and more.

Wired system are a lot more time consuming and a quotation can only be given after a site visit.

We can also maintain your existing system, with multiple maintenance contracts being available.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements, and a quotation.